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Or use OpenOffice. I don't know if LibreOffice and OpenOffice are similar, but I swapped from paying Microsoft for their shitty software a couple of years ago, to instead using a free program suite (which I occasionally donate to, I mean what type of bastard do you think I am...a Zuckerberg? *shudder*).

I have NEVER had a problem opening MS Office files or creating them, and as those whom I send them to are still caught in the toxic web known as Microsoft licencing, and are therefore using the evil empire's office suite still, have also never had any issues with opening them, with the format or anything else (despite the scaremongering done by people Microsoft pay to come on forums like this and say things like "the formatting will be messed up" or other such bullshit).

They will look initially a bit more dated than MS Office, but to be honest you'll probably find yourself suddenly realizing how annoying the modern MS Office interface is (I mean the thing actually changes the location of menu/ribbon items you use!!!!?? Madness!). Despite looking a little more dated - though still modern - I don't think you'll find there is anything that MS Office can do that OpenOffice (or LibreOffice I assume) can't. Except for one major thing of course.... OpenOffice can't report all your activities back to MS, or send them copies of private business documents etc (yes, legally Microsoft does have the right to upload ANY document they wish to their servers from any machine upon which you are running MS Office. So even if they are business sensitive, it means that MS are still allowed (contractually anyway) to do that. In the old days people used to worry about things like that because it was known as 'industrial espionage' when somebody stole or copied business documents. Somehow, Microsoft have managed to build what used to be an illegal and looked down upon activity, into a core feature of all their software. I wonder how many software companies they've ripped off so far. I know that I've found some of my code in MS products before now...so I would imagine the practice continues unchecked regards Micrsoft stealing software from rival companies whom have been idiotic enough to put a Windows 10 machine anywhere near their network!

Anyway, rant over... go get OpenOffice (or LibreOffice) from Apache and see what you think.

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