Want to do video editing? forget it. (Windows Sucks)

by Gumball, Elmore, Thursday, April 13, 2017, 07:41 (315 days ago)

Microshit has removed download links for Windows Live Essentials 2012, Which means that if you want to edit videos on a Windows PC, You must either downgrade to Vista/XP/Millennium Edition, or use the Wayback Archive to find a working link to the file named "wlsetup-all.exe".

Not that it matters because the 2012 version of Movie Maker sucks dick so hard, I'd rather use the XP or Vista versions, if only my cameras supported it. Unfortunately the camera I use the most (Canon ELPH 115 IS) records videos in MPEG-4 encoded *.MOV format which is unsupported on Vista and XP, I do have an old Sony Handycam that uses Mini-DVDs and MPEG-2 as well as two dysfunctional cameras (a Canon SD870IS with a damaged screen + a Cybershot with a dead battery) that shoot in traditional *.AVI but I'd rather not settle for just those dinosaurs because I have unedited clips that were shot with the newer Canon that I'd like to manipulate so I'm screwed either way.

Not only that, But Microcock has been using Winblows 10 as an excuse to fuck up perfectly working 7 and 8.x machines with junk updates that do nothing but break compatibility with certain games and even software too, Anyone remember the GWX nagware? I'd rather use XP and be insecure than use 7 with updates on doing nothing but fucking your system up.

I'm so damn glad I've switched to Mac a couple years ago because I'd rather use OS X El Capitan than use that fucking peice of junk known as Windsuck 10 now that iMovie has killed WMM.

If enough becomes enough on my old 7 dinosaur computer I'll end up putting Debian linux on there which is enough for what it's being used for now which is just internet searching and disk manipulation, I may as well sell my XBOX 360 since I hate modern games and TBH would take the Nintendo Switch over the XBOX ONE anyday.


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