Spending a few hours staring at "Getting Windows Ready..." (Microsoft Corp Sucks)

by patenista, Tuesday, June 20, 2017, 19:12 (217 days ago) @ frustrated user number 14,345,234,234

Wasted half my day waiting for the Win 10 updates to install, which I didn't want and repeatedly told the computer not to install.

Microsoft, you need to hire people who actually use the computers for work so that the update folks will understand that we DON'T WANT updates. We want a stable environment and absolutely do not care if it has all the social network/media crap that the 20 yr old developers think it needs. I'd still be on the late great Win XP Pro if I had my choice.

Plus, you need to establish a single-click direct email to Microsoft to let us tell you about our concerns, instead of having to go through the chat/account creation/login cycle.

Waste of time.

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