More scary than we can imagine. (Microsoft Corp Sucks)

by Reid, Tuesday, July 25, 2017, 16:12 (212 days ago)

Windows 10 gives Microsoft permission to enter your computer and change whatever they want within the operating system, which by the way controls all or most of your software. With 25% of the worlds computers running Win 10 and growing quickly, this should scare the crap out of all of us. Would you give the grocery store permission to enter your refrigerator and change the Items you purchased to something they deemed better? How about the Oil Companies changing the gasoline in your car in the middle of the night to a different formulation? Something that will either make your car run better or make it unusable in the morning. What if the Power Company determined that the outlets in your home were not quite up to their standards so they no longer work with the supplied power? Microsoft is wielding unprecedented power over all of us and could shut down the country with some bad code delivered with our permission either unintentionally or purposely while we sleep. These annoyances are just a minor symptom of a much greater potential disaster. Ninety percent of the world’s computers are running some version of windows. With no real alternative for most people, How would a meltdown of the Windows Operating System effect healthcare, food supply, workers, banks, utilities, all internet communication and commerce etc. etc. etc. Is the government prepared to step in and how long would it take? Absolute power, corrupts absolutely.

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