wow.. we have no choice anymore (Microsoft Corp Sucks)

by bryan dale shoemaker @, Friday, August 11, 2017, 21:44 (195 days ago)

we need a new OS. bought a new laptop, came with windows 10. tried it for 1 year. i counted at least 12 times i would of lost my job if i still didnt have my win7 system. not joking, i would lost my job. i know 2 people who they're win10 crashed and they are not buying another computer. win10 is so bad that the pc makers are loosing business do to the OS. i my self was gonna buy a new gaming laptop but it only comes with win10. sorry HP, not touching it with a 10 foot pole. my mother almost lost her job and house do to win10. no joke, the days of paper, pen and mail is no more. she cant function with the new OS. it even erased her paper work which is mandatory to have for her to keep her license for her business.

also, i cant register my win7 no more.. there is no where to register it at, now there some stupid window popping up. this could be counter fit bla bla, right in the middle of when im typing reports. it stops me from typing which i dont notice for 20 minutes because im look at the various data via hard copies, not on the screen. thats a lot of typing that did not get typed.

what other option do we have? apple? hell no. apple =your soul belongs to the Chinese communist party, your information belongs to the Chinese communist party, never talk bad about the Chinese communist party, your organs belong to the Chinese communist party.

Ubuntu? nope, every time theirs a update, wifi crash. not on just 1 or 3 systems, not on only windows pc but even the official Ubuntu laptops just stop working. if its not wifi, its 374 other things.

i have to work, which means i need a pc that.. well. WORKS. if i have to spend the entire day trying to get Ubuntu to function, i dont get paid, bill dont get paid, no food on the table. same with Microsoft.

we literally have no options other then maybe quit our good paying jobs and flip burgers? thats the only thing that does not require a computer.. i hope, its bin 20 years since i had one of those jobs. then stop using computers all to gather, never buy a new pc.. i honestly cant live with out a computer.

im at a lost, what are we gonna do?

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