Apps not better (Microsoft Corp Sucks)

by Johnnythegeek @, United States, Saturday, August 26, 2017, 19:54 (180 days ago)

So I have tried to give Windows 10 and apps the benefit of at least trying them. So far I wish most of them could be uninstalled. Seriously, when remains better then Mail App this is going the wrong direction Microsoft. Maybe that's the plan to get you to buy Office and get a full Outlook application? Maybe making the free stuff so dumb down you have to pay for the real thing. Remember how great Outlook Express was? Even LiveMail was a decent transition in Windows 7 which had no built in Mail app. Maybe that is better then providing a token POS app like Mail in Win 10. I can't believe how many think its the greatest thing? Maybe they have never tried I've come to the conclusion that universal apps are simply not capable of that much. Even the IOS version of Outlook is completely a waste of time. I just cannot believe having so many issues getting mail with a app from the very company that provides the email service? Personally I would just like to have to option to uninstall any app I choose not to use.

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