wow.. we have no choice anymore (Microsoft Corp Sucks)

by Jen I'Faerie @, Tuesday, August 29, 2017, 18:19 (177 days ago) @ joe blow

Sorry to hear all that trouble you are going through.
I want you to know that I also hate Win 10 and its proverbial spyware updates.
There are other choices. If you are not using propriety software (something designed specifically for windows), I suggest you move to Linux.
It's FREE, doesn't spy, and you update when and IF you choose.

I use Linux Mint 18.2 version. I have not updated it because it doesnt need an update.
It works, has a nice GUI and does what any typical windows computer does.
You can Virtual Machine a copy of Windows (7 would be my choice) if you so choose.

I also want you to know that yes, Linux takes some learning and getting used to.
I assume (hopefully not incorrectly) that you are an intelligent person.

Take some time to learn.

Also, I included my email (was optional).

If you wanted help I could certainly offer what I know.

Honestly, I tell my family that when I am forced to update a computer into spyware windows 10, I will move to another OS. Hence, the reason I am currently using Linux Mint.

I hope you move forward and get out of the spyware domain.

Good Luck.

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