So invasive (Windows Sucks)

by Angry Man, Your pants, Friday, September 08, 2017, 01:32 (168 days ago)

No matter how often you use your computer, Windows 10 can and will be an invasion of your personal privacy and there's no denying it.

Just now Windows 10 has decided to shove Edge up my throat even though I prefer to use Firefox instead as always, No I will not use Bing as my search engine, No I will not use Cortana on all my computers, No I don't care about what's going on at Twitter, No I don't want you to make me a Skype account and I certainly do not want to use Edge as my primary browser, I'd use Chrome before I'd even think about touching Edge with a 10ft pole.

The only way I'll ever use Micro$oft's excuse of a web browser is if and when it becomes the last remaining browser in the universe, NOT before.

I think the dickwads at Micro$oft's development team should GTFO of the software development biz and go back to being advertisement executives. Even Windows Vista and Mistake Edition weren't as invasive as 10.

Keep it up Micro$oft, You are getting very, very close to losing another customer. No wonder more people are switching to Linux and Mac OS X than ever before, I bet Windows will suffer the same fate as Windows Phone.

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