MS Word wastes my time (Microsoft Corp Sucks)

by Verwustung, Friday, January 19, 2007, 05:56 (4052 days ago) @ Verwustung

» » MS Word has wasted a lot of my time with the strange decisions it makes
» » about how my document should be formatted. I KNOW how I want it
» formatted
» » -- MS Word doesn't have a clue, and it proves that constantly by
» indenting
» » where I don't want an indentation, numbering and bulleting what I don't
» » want numbered or bulleted, and generally chewing up my time by
» requiring
» » me to manually undo the lame-brain decisions it makes. Today it did
» » something that was the last straw for me with this software-from-hell.
» I
» » swear that I will look for and try many other alternatives to this
» » obscenely overpriced garbage. After spending several hours modifying a
» » lenghtly document, I accidently tapped a key (don't know which one)that
» » deleted my document without confirming that action first. When I
» re-opened
» » it, I was back to my original document without any of the changes
» included.
» » Christ - it even seemed to render the autosave feature useless. Why
» would
» » these jerks at MS program a key that would do that?
» »
» » I wish that Billy G and his troup of lackies would just put all their
» » effort into making an operating system that really works instead of
» » releasing their bug infested and Internet-vunerable Windows offerings
» » (which are also grossly overpriced). Billy (you a**hole), please stop
» » running around buying (with bully tactics) perfectly good software
» » companies that show some integrity and honesty (not like Microsoft)
» then
» » turning their products into garbage. Microsoft certainly doesn't have
» the
» » Midas touch -- it has the Misery touch. I hate using MS Word with a
» » passion.
» You can turn of auto-formatting in the options. Would have taken less
» time than this post did.

"off," rather.

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