Windows 10 is shit (Windows Sucks)

by loyd @, Seattle Wa 98117, Monday, November 13, 2017, 10:23 (67 days ago) @ CommonCents

We all neeed to band together an start a class action law suit, against Microsoft, an its third party back door harvesting bot's. Like cortana, what a piece of crap, an waist of precious resources, Microsoft has rendered are PC's witch stands for Private Computing PC get it, but Windows 10 has turn our home PC's to some public domain, data access point, for their third party (Corporate Data Harvesting Parasites)Code Thief's also, this Windows 10 Is my last Windows I will ever use, not because Microsoft said its their last, But because Im soon to turn it off, perm. Its a piece of shit, that opens up a host of criminal element's In normally rather Honest people that use It because their so piste off at Microsoft for betraying all of our trust that took use years to build, YES I said it, took years to trust Microsoft, an now they just can not be trusted, It's called political corporate greed, that will soon end Microsoft as we knew it, an may be the end Microsoft Corp all together, In lame terms the straw that broke the camels BACK!

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