Anyone else as pissed over the failure of Windows Phones ? (Windows Sucks)

by DeadMSFangirl @, Monday, November 20, 2017, 02:59 (95 days ago)

Back in 2015, I invested in a lumia 950. The specs were amazing, especially for the time- liquid cooling, 20mp camera, retina scanner, etc. Once I started using it, however, the mirage of perfection quickly faded. The (huge) battery drained quickly, I frequently found the phone heating up after light use, the random crashing/ software bugs that became prevalent, dropped calls, and the app gap were especially problematic. Regardless, I endured, as any loyal MS fan would. My false hope and misguided notions of splendid things to come prolonged my suffering under the W10 mobile platform. I had also dropped nearly $300 on the phone and at least $60 on accessories, which was not smart and encouraged me to stay with the forsaken thing. Needless to say, I was quite invested. Then, after a series of metaphorical slaps to the face, MS decides to kill the phone. They even have the audacity to shut down current MS programs with paid subscriptions (Groove music, anyone?) and list the Razor phone, an Android-based phone, on their official website. I was devastated. After my years of loyalty to this company, holding out for MS phones to finally reach their full potential as I knew they would, they turned around and exclaimed "Oh hey! All of you who have stuck with us since W7 mobile, go f*** yourselves. We got a new line of ANDROID based hardware! Have fun with your garbage hardware that wont be receiving any more necessary updates to fix the bugs that are wreaking havoc with your devices! Oh, and buy more stuff!" Ugh. Just ugh. Seriously considering LEAVING this platform. I despise Android (READ: security nightmare) and don't want to buy into the Apple mindset. I'm looking for suggestions on a good phone to replace my current 950 ( N O more MS phones for me). Any help is greatly appreciated.

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