ALL MONOPOLIES SUCK...!!! (Others Sucks)

by Monopolies_Suck, Wednesday, December 06, 2017, 22:08 (78 days ago) @ Ok


Here's an interesting fact... these 3 giants supported/endorsed Clinton and the Democrats during last election. Regardless of anyone's political leanings, that is fact. Let's forget about the politics and just check the facts.. Hmm... I think there might be a pattern here...

Personally I think that any company endorsing any political candidate sucks - let's face it - they'd have to be total dumb asses to potentially run the risk of alienating customers because of politics (that's like business rule#1 - don't alienate your clients/customers). It begs the question of why any company would do this... Here's the reason. These 3 companies are monopolies and are constantly at risk of anti-trust law suits ruining their profits. Why else would they do something as dumb as endorsing a specific political party.

Aside from these 3 being monopolies, another interesting fact is that all 3 companies TOTALLY SUCK...!! Bite on that you big billionare cock suckers....

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