Fuck U Bill Gates (Microsoft Corp Sucks)

by Bill_Gates_is_a_censored, Monday, December 25, 2017, 17:49 (25 days ago) @ FeralDoomsday

I agree
Bill gates is an Asshole
and... also some cool things he has done with the new Windows 10 operating system
my computer doesn't work anymore
Every day it keeps restarting like it's unplugged srsly WTF is that
And I have a 30ish length Password and I didn't know that I have to type that in to get even in to WINDOWS,so I had to reset it fucked took me 30 minutes (I have my password in a manager) , I had to write it down because i didn't know that I need to type this into the login screen of windows
Srsly upgrading to windows 10 was the worst decision i've ever made in my 184 lives & 34 yrs since 16417 BC
I am probably going to switch to linux
Heres a little scoreboard
Windows XP 5/10
Windows 7 -101091919119/10
Windows 8 -459349586024306890926834023423952/10
Windows 8.1 -459349586024306890926834023423951/10
Windows 10 -Too many digits to fit in here/10

Existance of Microsoft -infinity/10

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