Flight Simulator X (Others Sucks)

by Bob, Monday, January 22, 2007, 03:03 (4046 days ago)

I worked hard and saved my money for about a month just so I could buy the new Flight Sim X deluxe edition. I looked at the box at Wal-Mart, who also sucks, and saw that my PC more than beat the minimum system requirements. So I purchased the new game. After about a two and half hour installation I eargerly open the new program. After about ten minutes of loading I was presented the opening screen of the game along with some music that was playing rather choppy. So being a loyal fan of Flight Sim 2004, I knew how to start a flight right away. So I loaded an airport and chose a plane then clicked on the fly button. After about fifteen minutes of loading then I saw a sorry looking screen that no where near matched the grafixs of 2004 version. It was impossible to play because the frame rate was so choppy. So I checked the settings and saw that even though my PC has a 2.8GHz and 768MB Ram that I was set to the lowest detail setting. So I bumped them up to about halfway and tried again. The screen refreshes were so terrible that I could not even take off much less fly. So then after all this I found out that Wal-mart would not take the item back. So in my opion Microsoft blatently lied about the system requirements so therefor they suck and so does Wal-mart.

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