MS is great at marketing..nothing else (Others Sucks)

by Webappsmaker, Friday, May 01, 2009, 12:23 (3219 days ago)

Ok...seriously, I came to this site hoping to find intelligent converstion...guess I was wrong. Fact is that S DOES suck...their systems are unstable and insecure. Their programs don't work properly...I read someone diss office and to me, that (and age of empires) is the only thing good about MS. Messenger doesn't event work properly (webcam errors that MS REFUSES to fix despite how many forums they are posted on). I have a windows machine that keep crashing, freezing or putting the vid card to sleep....not to mention how slow it is.'s popular because they know how to market...but as someone else said, MS' main tester base is the consumers...they continue to push incomplete products and wait for consumers to find bugs and then try (but not always succeed) to fix them.

Please stop all the flaming and talk about real reasons that MS sucks...What you are doing here is making it look like linux/apple users are just a bunch of whiney assholes...and I don't see myself as a whiney asshole...

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