IE 7 is a rip off of firefox (Microsoft Corp Sucks)

by Blapshula @, Saturday, February 10, 2007, 01:13 (4032 days ago) @ TRUTH

» » IE 7 is such a rip off of Firefox. cant microsoft make up its own ideas?
» No they built the whole company on STEALING from APPLE.

No kidding. My first job out of school, (back in '96) required DOS knowledge, I fibbed in the interview, as I hadn't touched a computer since grade 11, where we learned on Macintosh, (BASIC) - very similar I soon discovered, (although I could do more with BASIC).

I made the mistake of allowing XP to update a month or so ago and wound up with IE7 - Firefox has become the only browser I use, (although I still like Opera, but it doesn't 'work' on a lot of sites).

Too bad Netscape blew it - 4.7* used to be the best browser, great email software, and from 6.0 on it made a lot of fans of Mozilla.

The big problem is that 99% of computer users buy them at someplace like 'best buy' or 'future shop', with pre-installed software and just go from there - Windows update won't allow non IE browsers to access the site for the many, much needed security patches, ergo, IE will always be the number one browser used.

To address the initial posting, I must contend that IE 7 isn't quite quite a complete ripoff of Firefox - Firefox works far better.

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