MS Word wastes my time (Microsoft Corp Sucks)

by Blapshula, Saturday, February 10, 2007, 03:00 (4032 days ago) @ Verwustung

» » MS Word has wasted a lot of my time with the strange decisions it makes
» » about how my document should be formatted. I KNOW how I want it
» formatted
» » -- MS Word doesn't have a clue, and it proves that constantly by
» indenting
» » where I don't want an indentation, numbering and bulleting what I don't
» » want numbered or bulleted, and generally chewing up my time by
» requiring
» » me to manually undo the lame-brain decisions it makes. Today it did
» » something that was the last straw for me with this software-from-hell.
» I
» » swear that I will look for and try many other alternatives to this
» » obscenely overpriced garbage. After spending several hours modifying a
» » lenghtly document, I accidently tapped a key (don't know which one)that
» » deleted my document without confirming that action first. When I
» re-opened
» » it, I was back to my original document without any of the changes
» included.
» » Christ - it even seemed to render the autosave feature useless. Why
» would
» » these jerks at MS program a key that would do that?
» »
» » I wish that Billy G and his troup of lackies would just put all their
» » effort into making an operating system that really works instead of
» » releasing their bug infested and Internet-vunerable Windows offerings
» » (which are also grossly overpriced). Billy (you a**hole), please stop
» » running around buying (with bully tactics) perfectly good software
» » companies that show some integrity and honesty (not like Microsoft)
» then
» » turning their products into garbage. Microsoft certainly doesn't have
» the
» » Midas touch -- it has the Misery touch. I hate using MS Word with a
» » passion.
» You can turn of auto-formatting in the options. Would have taken less
» time than this post did.

By the time that a file, (any MS Office application post-'97) is opened, it's already 'formatted'. '1-2' becomes 'Jan-01', then when 'unformatted' becomes something like '3,7889.00', (I'm talking about Excel), but Word is just as bad, it all just keeps getting bigger, and slows down productivity in every office environment, (not MS Office, but offices where people work).

The 'intuitive' features would be fine, I suppose, for the people who programmed them, but they are a continueing pain in the productivity for a lot of companies.

I'd love to switch to something else, but compatibility of files is problematic, (MS Word 2007 doesn't even deal with .rtf very well anymore, although Mac is equally to blame - was a good try, but java sucks, and it just doesn't work very well anymore).

Office software is supposed to improve working environments, increase productivity, and generally make life easier - typewriters may yet make a comeback at this rate.

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