by brandon, Saturday, February 10, 2007, 23:35 (3995 days ago)

Many people are wondering why dose ps3 suck the answer is right here heres the first ten things that suck on ps3

#1 to big the systum might look cool but it is to big and bulky the new style is small and thin like psp or nintendo wii
which people are saying is better

#2 to expenceof and a big rip off it includes no games and is over $600.00 I say I rather spend money on wii my self
#3 Compare to the wii and ps3 the wii is more relistic because it's motion sencer and you controle it your self
when a ps3 dosn't have futures like the wii and the systum is not whirless I say soney better put there act to gether or they'll go out of buisness because of xbox 360
#3 More games for the wii and the controler is friged up I say why buy a PS3 when You get a much cheaper sytum I say it's just as good.
#4 shipen in hen Ps3 came out soney messed up on the shipment so zellers ownly go to with a wii came in more
I say whats the big deal between PS3 and xbox 360 ge i rather get xbox then PS3

#5 The grafix are good beter then wii but there is a slight chance they might be a glicth on the systum and thats why there was a delay when shping in canada
#6 The PS3 is a copy of xbox 360 grafix I say I don't see a point in spending money on a systum that advance.

thats all I can pick up on PS3 for now but i'll find more problumes when I get more information

P L A Y S T A T I O N S U C K S... End of descution

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