IE 7 is a rip off of firefox (Microsoft Corp Sucks)

by T, Sunday, February 25, 2007, 02:30 (4017 days ago) @ Blapshula

» » » IE 7 is such a rip off of Firefox. cant microsoft make up its own
» ideas?
» »
» » No they built the whole company on STEALING from APPLE.
» No kidding. My first job out of school, (back in '96) required DOS
» knowledge, I fibbed in the interview, as I hadn't touched a computer since
» grade 11, where we learned on Macintosh, (BASIC) - very similar I soon
» discovered, (although I could do more with BASIC).
» I made the mistake of allowing XP to update a month or so ago and wound up
» with IE7 - Firefox has become the only browser I use, (although I still
» like Opera, but it doesn't 'work' on a lot of sites).
» Too bad Netscape blew it - 4.7* used to be the best browser, great email
» software, and from 6.0 on it made a lot of fans of Mozilla.
» The big problem is that 99% of computer users buy them at someplace like
» 'best buy' or 'future shop', with pre-installed software and just go from
» there - Windows update won't allow non IE browsers to access the site for
» the many, much needed security patches, ergo, IE will always be the number
» one browser used.
» To address the initial posting, I must contend that IE 7 isn't
» quite
quite a complete ripoff of Firefox - Firefox works far better.
» Take care

Well, firefox doesn't nessicarly work better. The memory leaks are a real bitch, and it doesn't have patches. It just re-installs ff TOTTALY to a new version, and breaks all of your goddamn addons. Firefox doesn't keep you safer, nesicarlly, it just has different problems. A lot of people use it because they hate IE, but would any of us *really* have survived over the years withougt microsoft? I'm not going to be a supporter, hell no. Buuut I'm not going to say convert to Linux just yet..

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