by dsoji, Friday, September 28, 2007, 20:54 (3765 days ago) @ REFUSE TO SAY

You absolute and utter idiot you are probebly a spastic who went up to his xbox with a hammer and then says my 360 got 3 red lights, you must have done something dum to be able to break a 360 in a weak, i have had mine for over a year, i loved every minute of it and has not froze or has not had anything happen to it and also every xbox now has 3 years warrenty on it now, so if it did get the 3 red lights that quick they will fix it with 1 week if you live winthin america, and 2 - 3 weeks if you live any where else, Microsoft is good for support and reliability but i suppose not as much for price, but there xbox is quite cheap for what your getting.

They won't fix ur xbox within 1 week if u live in america. i sent mine in 1 month ago for the red lights and still havent gotten it back

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