Why Does Microsoft Suck (MicrosoftSucks.org)

by captnron, Saturday, October 26, 2013, 17:06 (1548 days ago)

I was forced to use Windows FROM back in the dark ages (1985).

In the years following, one would think you would have refineD your operating system & MS programs to an acceptable level by now.

To the contrary, this has NOT been the case.
Why is that one day programs run correctly, yet the next day the don't?

The latest boondoggle is Win Live mail in Win 7.
Now, I send an email, the program freezes. I restart it & lo-n-behold, the email I sent shows up in SENT ITEMS as sent to my address, not the addressee I had sent it to........WTF, it worked yesterday.

Also, if I open mail twice in the same day, Earlier emails that were deleted show up as new emails again. Click on them, & get the ERROR IN OPENING message.....WTF?
No options just the error message. Try to delete them...........NO, you CANNOT.
Thus you are forced to drag them to your DELETED folder.

You've had 30+ years now to come up with an operating system & working programs.....but, NO it's always "SCABBING ON" to code that NEVER worked correctly in the first place.

You Microsoft guys should feel proud of the great work you have done so far. If I ever see that lying bastard Bill Gates in an elevator, I will kick the living shit out him for all the problems he created for us all.


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