IE 7 is a rip off of firefox (Microsoft Corp Sucks)

by MattSchneider @, Friday, March 23, 2007, 21:45 (3990 days ago) @ Baka_toroi

So Windows is a rip off of Mac right, you think Apple invented the GUI... no it was Xerox. However, Linux IS a rip off of Unix, gees it even has the name in it, the whole point was to make an open source version of Unix so you didn't have to pay AT&T (a great idea mind you, but it does have it's own issue, go look at the RedHat patch frequency), but no one bemoans about Linux being a copy. Star Office is a copy of MS Office (which is a copy of Lotus, which is a copy... etc) but no one is out there calling the Star Office developers names about stealing ideas, in fact they are praised for attempting to usurp Microsoft's dominance in the office space (heh, Office Space). Apple's IPhone is clearly an attempt to improve upon the Windows Mobile devices as much as the Zune is the same to the IPod. Likewise AppleTV, you think that isn't trying to compete in the Windows Media Center space... which MS made once they heard about TiVo, which TiVo simply removed the hassle of switching tapes and manually programming your VHS VCR, which... was stolen from Sony BetaMax.
I have experience in computers across the board, every one of them has issues (I want to shoot IBM today for the fact they can't explain some simple I/O architecture in AIX) but Microsoft does has some original ideas every now and then, although it is seldom. SQL was bought from Sybase (and called SQL, which in itself if egotistical, but still funny), MOM from NetIQ, Office is a rip-off of Lotus, hell Windows defrag is still a stripped down version of DiskKeeper MS licenses. If you know your history then you also know IBM contracted MS to build OS/2, even while MS was building NT, you also know that MS bought a Unix license from AT&T, worked with some contractors and built Xenix, a Unix OS that was then sold off and now called SCO (high SCO fanboys, you have an MS OS :). One of the original creators of Java was hired by MS to help write C#.Net, no qualms there about what they were trying to replicate.
If you study MS you'll learn more business subterfuge and polictics lessons than anything else, but vauluable none the less.
Leave technology for a second, the toaster on your counter, do you think that's from the company that invented toasters? Hell no, even something that simple has been copied and improved upon over the years... people, be THANKFUL that companies copy other's ideas and improve upon them... otherwise we'd still be driving backwards up hills so the engine could get gas... and be thankful that companies wrap up other products into theirs like IE in Windows, otherwise that car wouldn't have a heater, A/C or sound system, they'd all be add-ons.
Piss and complain about Windows all day long if you care, but at least have some sense to learn history and make your arguments inteligent. Back to the point, IE7.... Microsoft readily admits that it stopped all IE development once the competition died down (i.e. the dominance of Netscape). Thankfully for FireFox, there is competition again. But keep in mind, Netscape was a product that cost money (I know, YOU probably didn't pay for it, but you were then technically using it illegally) and Microsoft made it free; to win the war, well probably, but none the less free... be thankful for that too. Yea sure, if MS didn't someone else would have eventually, but we credit Edison for the lightbulb, so put aside your arrogant, dumbass pride as thank MS for making web browsing free already.

Oh, and if you're still pissed at me... how exactly did you download FireFox??? Yea, if you're on Windows you used IE, thanks to MS for making a web browser built in so that if I want another I don't have to go buy one from a store, hrmm... and for the registry key that allows me to set a default browser.

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