IE 7 is a rip off of firefox (Microsoft Corp Sucks)

by Baka_toroi ⌂ @, Argentina, Friday, March 23, 2007, 23:26 (3990 days ago) @ MattSchneider

I won't praise MS ever. Period. If only, I can appreciate the fact that Bill Gates (and his gang of rouges) could see beyond corporate greed (for a little while) and create a suite that contains most that people needed at that moment. I'm talking 'bout Office. Now, onto the quotes.

» you think Apple invented the GUI...
Who the hell said that? Apple created the first (somewhat) useful GUI.

» but no one bemoans about Linux being a copy.
That's because you can get Linux for free. MS is charging you for Windoze, whether you want it or not (Try to get a laptop with no OS, apart from Apple's)

» but no one is out there calling the Star Office developers names about stealing ideas, in fact they are praised for attempting to usurp Microsoft's dominance in the office space
Like I said, they are providing the product for free, so more people can get a legal system, with legal tools to be used without the need to get into a mortgage (OK, 3rd worldish argument. Just remember I didn't want to be born here. Maybe in my next life I'll be a Jap)

» which... was stolen from Sony BetaMax.
What has been stolen from Sony? There were 2 standars at that time: VHS and Betamax. Porn industry chose VHS, Betamax lost.

» but Microsoft does has some original ideas every now and then, although it is seldom.
LOL, 100% agree

» One of the original creators of Java was hired by MS to help write C#.Net, no qualms there about what they were trying to replicate.
There's a saying down here: "Por plata baila el mono", A monkey will dance if you give him some money. So it all comes down to the filthy bucks, or any currency, for that matter.

» do you think that's from the company that invented toasters? Hell no, even
something that simple has been copied and improved upon over the years...
Yeah, but! 1. Either the improved toaster company paid the creator of the original toaster some royalty, or...
2. The patent has already expired.
So I don't think your comparison applies here.

» Netscape was a product that cost money (I know, YOU probably didn't
pay for it, but you were then technically using it illegally)
I believe it was free for the end user (at least, version 4). But I really can't remember now...

» Microsoft made it free; to win the war, well probably, but none the less
free... be thankful for that too. Yea sure, if MS didn't someone else
would have eventually, but we credit Edison for the lightbulb, so put
aside your arrogant, dumbass pride as thank MS for making web browsing
free already.
We credit Edison for the lightbulb, because he INVENTED and created it. MS, as you said, just "improved" the concept of "browser." So, all in all, MS didn't invent anything.

» thanks to MS for making a web browser built in so that if I want another I don't have to go buy one from a store, hrmm... and for the registry key that allows me to set a default browser.
LOL times 3215. This one is nonsense. To thank MS for that registry key?? WTF! Besides, if Windows hadn't included a browser, surely you'd have *free* Firefox CDs all over the world, just like Ubuntu.

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