Conclusions (Windows Sucks)

by Done with MSFT, Saturday, March 24, 2007, 12:41 (3989 days ago) @ MacLinuxUser

» After having to deal with MDAC and VB issues from a support role (normally
» I'm Unix only), I have come to the following conclusions:
» 1) The makers of MS Windows toungue-dart the stink tube.
» 2) The developers of the MDAC snarf cavernous, unwashed rhino bungholes.
» 3) The developers of VB, ASP, and .net habitually sip from silly straws
» that are deeply embeeded in their urinary tracts.
» 4) Bill Gates is the lowest form of taint known in the universe.

Having also dealt repeatedly with issues with MDAC, VB, ASP and .NET, I really wonder if they ever really test their products in a real-world environment. They totally lack any vision at all and don't seem to have a clue what developers really need to do with their tools.
Things are not improving either, there has been definite slippage in quality over the last few years.
You can only pile turds so high, then they collapse under their own weight.
Microsoft's software stack is unreliable garbage.

Only now the world and the media are waking up to the flood of mediocrity that is Microsoft.

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