but you have to use it, right? (Windows Sucks)

by BOLDER, Thursday, November 02, 2006, 04:35 (4132 days ago) @ RJ

» Everytime I have to install and configure windows systems and serves. I
» guess that's the beauty of being the *nix guru where I work.
» Unfortunately due to heavy scheduling I get stuck with some of the windows
» work. My god to think Windows 2k3 server R2 is at this stage in its' life
» is pathetic. From an abyssmal install to draconian default internet
» filtering. Let's not even start on how much of a kludge clustering is in
» it. The only good thing that ever comes of me installing and configuring
» windows boxes is that when I go back to my *nix boxes I have a new
» apprciation for them.

simple question~

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