MS Word wastes my time (Microsoft Corp Sucks)

by Ms. Gates, Sunday, April 01, 2007, 00:53 (3982 days ago) @ Verwustung

» You can turn of auto-formatting in the options. Would have taken less
» time than this post did.

Of course, that doesn't account for all the other ways Word gets in the way. Its not just auto-format.

One thing that really bugs me is how often MS changes their document formats. as a general rule, internal formats are the last thing a software company would change, in order to provide compatability across versions. But MS seems to change formats with every release, which is just not good computer science. Great for the marketing staff, though.

Problem is, I have a bunch of files I created with earlier versions of windows that I can't even import now. To get them back,I would have to hand edit all of them to remove the control characters.

And I especially liked the fact that on WinME, both WordPad and Word files had DOC extensions. How cosmically stupid that is, I mean assuming you're trying to write good software.

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