Trying to break MS-W addiction (Windows Sucks)

by Ms. Gates, Sunday, April 01, 2007, 01:10 (3982 days ago) @ Johnny

» enough ranting - I'm looking to jetison MS completely.
» How do I wean my family from the MS addiction?
» Any ideas?

Please don't rant against MS, because then I'll start, then that's all we'll be doing.

Of course I have my rants againts Linux, too. That's mostly because the desktop market has just been sitting there for years, waiting for Linux to take it, but they haven't been able to step up to the plate. So Linux is a disappointment for me in many ways.

The good news is that within the last few years, new Linuxes have come along targeting the desktop market. Not all are succcessful at making a windows equivalent, but some are getting pretty good. I think MS may have shot themselves in the foot with Vista/DRM, which gives Linux another chance to take the desktop. I'm just not sure Linux can do it this time, either.

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