IE 7 is a rip off of firefox (Microsoft Corp Sucks)

by Ms. Gates, Sunday, April 01, 2007, 02:05 (3982 days ago) @ MattSchneider

» So Windows is a rip off of Mac right, you think Apple invented the GUI...

At least you got that right. XeroxPARC invented the first GUI.

» I want to shoot IBM today for the fact they can't explain some
» simple I/O architecture in AIX

I have a feeling you really don't remember all the things people want to shoot IBM for. EBCDIC, anyone?

» If you know your history then you also know IBM contracted MS to build OS/
» 2, even while MS was building NT

If you know your history, you also know that OS/2 was widely regarded as better that Windows by far. And that MS conspired to kill it. cf. Groklaw.

» Netscape was a product that cost money (I know, YOU probably didn't
» pay for it, but you were then technically using it illegally) and

Netscape, at least for much of its history, was a free product.

» Yea, if you're on Windows you used IE, thanks to MS for making
» a web browser built in so that if I want another I don't have to go buy
» one from a store, hrmm...

If you do know your history, you know that IE was integraated into the system in such a way that windows could not run without it. This was done to destroy, rather than allow, competition. And if you know your CS, you know that a browser is an application. Name me one other OS that won't run because a user space application is not present.

» be THANKFUL that companies copy other's ideas and improve upon

Frankly, Matt, I really think your missing the point here. No one is commplaining that companies copy and improve upon each other's ideas. That's part of what's called innovation. Innovation, by the way, that MS successfully stopped when they won the look and feel law suit back in the 80s.

I think the reason MS gets on most people's nerves is the blatent criminality with which they do business. Innovation is one thing - out-and-out theft and destroying free market competition is another.

And with all that 'innovation', and all that cash, and all this time, the fact that they still can't build software that's stable and secure is simply astonishing to me. Almost makes me think MS planned it this way. When IBM said MS was a good marketing company but not a good technology company, Gates was mad as hell. But the facts speak for themselves. Many of you may not know this, but before PCs, computers worked. They don't now, and that makes me mad as hell.

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