LANL's Telemed Project (Microsoft Corp Sucks)

by Kiernan Holland ⌂ @, Wednesday, November 08, 2006, 07:26 (4125 days ago)

I will not go into too much detail but I was told by a friend that
Microsoft OEM's contested a project at the Los Alamos National Laboratory to stop development of a special healthcare integration infrastructure, called
Telemed, because they believed it competed unfairly with the purchasing decision of a client. The Telemed project led to the development of a very complex and elaborate CORBA-based technology (or an Object Oriented, vendor inspecific infrastructure), that correlates patient's biometrics (retina, finger, blood type, etc) with information pertaining to their healthcare. The idea was a way to allow patients to go from doctor to doctor without having to establish another medical record with the doctor. Or to allow a surgeon to work on a patient with damaged or missing credentials. This is only one of the technologies that were being developed in the Telemed project. And Microsoft's Lawyers and their Vendors, stopped it's development because there is legislation that prevents a government entity from competing with a commercial entity.. Thanks to Microsoft, Medical Insurance costs more.. Thanks to Microsoft people are dieing.. Note that Microsoft has stock in "Medical Manager" which owns about 75% of the healthcare software industry, Medical Manager is so expensive that to get a simple interface to patient information you have to pay 40,000 dollars. And Bill gates funds AIDS research!! What a Hippocrite!!

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