Vista ain\'t a bitch... (Others Sucks)

by Muhahahaha!, Wednesday, February 20, 2008, 05:27 (3655 days ago) @ Macintrash Sucks

That was posted by someone who obviously DOESN'T OWN a Mac(And has never used a Mac). I have owned a computer since 1985-ish. After having to decipher practically every thing at one time or another on a p.c.(Piece of Crap) in order to get it to work, I finally bought a Mac. It just plain works. And it works VERY WELL. you plug something in, and IT WORKS. You install software and IT WORKS. No more frustration. period. It is also fast. Yes it is expensive, but you get what you pay for - twice over.
I always wondered at those people who weren't tech savvy, and how they managed. My father for example, just wants to do his thing, and not have the damn thing crash every day. I convinced him to buy a Mac too, and he loves it. he is 73 years old.
Now every time I turn on one of my p.c.'s, I just want to scream at all the stupid "Items ready to download" or the dumbass baloons trying to tell me shit I already know(Yes I could turn them off, but screw it I have a MAC), or when I launch a program and it just decides to crash, and THEN wants me to take the effort to "tell microsoft about this problem"! AS IF there was anyone there with half a brain stem who COULD or WOULD resolve the problem. I think that if there were anyone home, why then I would NOT HAVE THE PROBLEM IN THE FIRST DAMN PLACE!


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