by ceedot, Monday, March 03, 2008, 06:48 (3614 days ago) @ brandon

1. PS3 is wireless you idiot.
2. Learn to type, you 5 year old prick. You only play wii because your not old enough to buy a PS3.
3. PS3 graphics are better than 360 and wii. The xbox is a obious copy of Sony, since PS has been around since PS1.
4. The wii is tiny because it's a piece of shit.
5. The more expensive, the better. 360 can't even match up to the PS3, even with all its add ons, which would make the 360 more expensive.
6. 360 breaks easy. 1/3 all fuck up.
7. 360 is a rip off, especially since everything has a bad side to it. e.g. Internet = you pay for it. PS3 has free internet, noob.
8. PS3 has the best exclusives such as MGS4, Tekken 6, GT5, Final Fantasy.

Get fucked you little shit.

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