MS arrogance in Outlook 2010 (Windows Sucks)

by Frank, Wednesday, August 27, 2014, 14:51 (1242 days ago)

Outlook will throw a window at you should you like to send and email w/out a subject. It will ask you if you REALLY want to send it w/out the subject field filled in. This still could be OK. What's not nearly OK is the fact that you can't disable this warning. There's no checkbox for it, none whatsoever. It pops up every single time you want to send w/out subject, driving users crazy.
So firstly, I have the most humble request to any MS developer that might be reading this: pls fix this minor bug that has probably just evaded your attention for years. (Even though thousands have declared that they DO NOT need this feature every time they send a colleague the famous "lunch now?" message.)
And secondly, I'd REALLY love to take this warning, carve it into stone, and shove it up your sorry asses for being the arrogant bastards you are. You think you know better than us users? Freaks! Windows is getting worse and more user-hostile with every edition after XP. MS is arriving at a point where they can't get a grasp of their own software. They have grown way too big. Too many cooks spoil the broth. Time to look for cooks that make food that tastes better...

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