you guys suck (Windows Sucks)

by Veteran from Pennsylvania, Monday, May 14, 2007, 18:52 (3938 days ago) @ Paul

» Wow, this website sucks. You'd think that people who have enough tech
» background to try and slam down the most profitable technology company in
» the world could at least do something more fancy with their feeble php
» scripts... The least you could do is put up phpBB.... you guys suck.

How Much Beta Testing did you do for Billy? I Knew six Months before the final release Vista was going to be a "coulda, woulda, shoulda" release. In about two years it may be the system Billy thinks it is--- if everyone writes software and drivers for it. Microsoft is a "Trust" (Monopoly). The U.S. Anti Trust laws would have broken up Microsoft if it weren't for Linux. So Billy and his boys have decided to sue all the Linux Distros (kind of like when the Wright brothers sued every U.S. aircraft manufacturer in the U.S. and held up U.S. aircraft development well into WW1. We had to buy foreign aircraft to fight that war. Whiteheed and some Australian guy had flown heavier than air fixed wing aircraft before the wrights, but if you sue enough poor people, you get your way.The Wrights claimed they invented the propeller- which had been a toy since ancient times and can be found in Medieval drawings- and claimed to have invented the wing- also absurd. The Wrights lost, and Curtis eventually bought them out).
Billy is biting the hands that fed him.I thought Billy was smarter than this--but he did drop out of College, due to academic failure. Also note: do all of your office work with OpenOffice, or you will be sorry later.

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