Trying to break MS-W addiction (Windows Sucks)

by Veteran from Pennsylvania, Friday, May 18, 2007, 02:49 (3935 days ago) @ nelson.somers

» Doug I got looking around and pricewise was so cheap I ordered
» PCLinuxOS,Ubuntu and Zen.they should get here this week.The new computer
» I've had for a week has Vista and I hate it totally.I took my two old
» computers and made one to put XP back on<but I can't install XP or MEas
» the product keys are now invalid.That pretty much made up my mind.when I
» tried to talk to them they wanted $59. to talk.Now that's $$$$$$$$$$upport
» for you.Nels

Download (and burn)a live version of Simply Mepis, and Freespire. After the live CD finally loads, install it. I am using Mepis which is largely based on Ubuntu now. It has a full ATI Radeon driver for this old 32MB PowerColor 7000 card I am using on this PC I got cheap at the Dell auction. I am doing everything on this PC I bought/rebuilt for under $150 US, that I do on my "Vista" computer that I spent a lot more on. Linux rocks Mr. Bill.

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