Customer Service Sucks (XBOX Sucks)

by Microsoft jerks 24/7, Monday, April 28, 2008, 19:54 (3557 days ago) @ Michele

Microsoft could not organise a piss-up in a brewery.
I've had 3 bad (unloadable) WinXP Pro SP2 CDs from Microsoft outlets (PC dealers) and Microsoft Direct in Germany and they continue to wimp on and on about my problem being hardware! It took them 3 weeks (!!!) to get a CD to the UK from Germany - I can get a music CD to the UK from China in 48hrs! I've got a new PC, with a new hard drive (new one crashed already!...Seagate b*st*rds), and a new CD-R/W drive. So what does Microsh*t do? After a week of their procrastination, they just completely stop answering my emails! Then they have the outsized balls to say at the bottom of their emails "We pride ourselves at Microsoft on delivering an excellent service and we trust that you are totally satisfied with the service you have received. If you have any feedback about my work or your support experience, please send your comments and suggestions to my manager and the UK Management team by e-mailing" I copied him/her in on my email replys to Customer Support 'operative' (ha!) [ Preeti Rai at ] and hey presto NOW NONE of my email requests for continued 'customer service' are answered. What a bunch of absolute tossers! I will NEVER KNOWINGLY do business again with Microsh*t.
They 1) do not answer their phones wihtout makng you wait 30mins in some robot-answering loop; 2) they do not answer their emails, and 3) ALWAYS blame someone/something else - NEVER themselves for making/selling crap software and even worse customer service. They think that the marketing abbreviation CS is NOT Customer Service, but Customer Shafting!
I hope that North Korea and China have M$'s geo coordinates from GoogleEarth dialed into their nuclear missile silos. The world would be a FAR better place without Microsh*t.

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