Trying to break MS-W addiction (Windows Sucks)

by Doug @, Thursday, November 23, 2006, 11:11 (4110 days ago) @ r_c

» I've been using M$-Windows for many years; unfortunately, using Windows is
» like a relationship going south.... It was hot in the beginning, but in
» recent years I just seem to be getting a lot more crap from it..... & now
» I'd like a divorce
» As far as Apple goes, I'm not so sure they're any better than M$...
» apparently their computers are made of solid gold, so I can't afford the
» $$$$ for a Mac
» I recently started reading about & looking into Linux
» I am now a firm believer in Open Source Software, and after trying several
» distros of Linux, I'd simply tell anyone wanting to break the MS-W
» addiction, get a copy of PCLinuxOS..... it's a breeze to install and
» use....
» If you think M$ and Windows SUX.... there is hope for us pc computing
» peasants... move to the New Linnux World

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