Windows 8 (Windows Sucks)

by Nuke, Wednesday, December 17, 2014, 19:21 (1133 days ago) @ Jamie

MS made the Win8 interface optimised for touchpads and for the sake of conformity used the same interface on the PC.

In other words, they assumed we are too dumb to understand whether we are using a touchpad or a PC. Like a car maker fitting handlebars instead of a steering wheel in case we don't get it that we are not riding a bike.

Fortunately they have made many of their faithful users leave in droves. I use Linux and can choose what sort of interface I want - one like Win8 with Ubuntu's Unity, or one more like WinXP with KDE, or a minimalist graphical interface with LXDE.

Don't tell me that you have a choice of traditional or touchpad interfaces in Win8. Though I never tried it, I gather it does not work out too well, with some apps available only in one form or the other.

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