MS Word wastes my time (Microsoft Corp Sucks)

by stagingforu @, Wednesday, November 29, 2006, 05:18 (4103 days ago) @ MSWordhater

i totally agreed with you. Microsoft lackies seems to think they can make a decision for you in any situation. This lame program called Word actually costed my husband's job. He works in a company where he occasionally had to write proposal to his clients, he used a template from previous client with a footer with previous client's name, then he changed the footer to new client's name, but microsoft programmers apparently think it is not a good idea to overwrite the old client's name in the footer, so the old footer with old client's name still in the document.(mind you, they did not give a message box telling you about it). So the document was sent with old client's name and apparently this new client thinks that is a sure sign of unprofessionalism, therefore, the company did not get the project and when the managerment looking for the cause of the problem, they found the proposal with the old client's name and therefore, let go of my husband....

I spent 60% of my work time with Word, in my opinion, the product itself is ok but the arrogance behind the product is horrifying, it is saying we(microsoft) can run your life by making decision for you. Is this a free country?

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