Trying to break MS-W addiction (Windows Sucks)

by Johnny, Friday, December 08, 2006, 20:32 (4095 days ago) @ Doug

I have used MS products since DOS. I have also worked on and with UNIX since the early 90's. More recently I have been running Linux (SuSE) at home but still have my XP box as the main family PC.

After Novell -

(whom I can't talk about without thinking in profanity so lets just be kind and say they are really - really - really stupid. The kind of stupid that is married to greed and screws everybody.)

- jumped into bed with Steve Ballmer giving MS the platform and the veneer of credibility to the uninformed masses that somehow the linux community owes MS for intellectual property infringement (instead of the other way around). It would be so funny if they didn't have an army of lawyers and marketing geeks at their disposal to push their ridiculous and money grubbing agendas.

enough ranting - I'm looking to jetison MS completely.
How do I wean my family from the MS addiction?
Any ideas?

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