IE 7 is a rip off of firefox (Microsoft Corp Sucks)

by Zach @, Thursday, May 31, 2007, 01:40 (3922 days ago) @ MattSchneider

» Leave technology for a second, the toaster on your counter, do you
» think that's from the company that invented toasters? Hell no, even
» something that simple has been copied and improved upon over the years...
» people, be THANKFUL that companies copy other's ideas and improve upon
» them... otherwise we'd still be driving backwards up hills so the engine
» could get gas... and be thankful that companies wrap up other products
» into theirs like IE in Windows, otherwise that car wouldn't have a heater,
» A/C or sound system, they'd all be add-ons.

I completely agree with and support entities "copying" and improving on other entities software. But Microsoft fails to do this. Yes, they copy other's software, as do the toaster companies. But the toaster companies [most likely] *improved* on the toaster they copied from. Name ONE time that MS has copied something and actually *improved* it. NEVER! They just blatantly copy it, deny they did it, re-sell it, bundle it with Dell/Hp/etc computers (enough so that you have to *fight* to get it without Windows), and *force* you to pay for it, then sue the toaster companies for violating patents on their software!

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