xbox360 SUCKS (XBOX Sucks)

by matthias, Sunday, June 01, 2008, 19:46 (3518 days ago)

Ok hey everyone love the site i finnaly get to express my feelings about microsofts damn old many of u i got my xbox360 around christmas 06 and there werent many wiis or playstation3s left in stock so i figured id go with the shitbox360 since it was the 3rd newest at the time.So I wake up on christmas and find that Ive gotten my xbox360!Oh yay an xbox360 holy shit!Sounds cool heh an xbox 360!Well anyways theres only a 90 day warranty on it[WAY TO LITTLE FOR A MICROSOFT PRODUCT].So the first 3 months or so were fine but then the warranty is gone about then,and the best time for it to get screwed up now isnt it,cause a couple of days after the warranty ended was the first of MANY times it said "Clean the disc with a soft cloth"[which seems to be ringing in my head the last couple of months]and anyways that didnt really happen a whole lot until about last summer.It happened more frequently then about once or twice a week and then coming into 2008 a bit after my xbox's 1st anniversairy is when it started happening all the time,and now today while I was playing nhl08 the screen suddenly turned red and black[almost like a checkerboard]and then it made all kinds of gay noises[like the microsoft workers probably do at night,lol!]it almost seemed like it would catch on fire actually so when I turn it off they stopped.I then put in a different game and it just froze up right away and im pretty sure its a total piece of crap now so I basicly just wanted to cut it in half with a kitchen knife[but i held back my frustrations].So the translation of what happened today is pretty well 400$ down the drain.So now im wondering if the microsft company just made some damn hoax with the xbox360's.Anyways my theory is that the workers at microsoft just blindfolded each other and picked which xbox's would get a virus[you may think im trying to be funny but I heard once I researched it that there were many xbox's with problems so].I'm sure that the people at microsoft will be total bitches if I tell them this story although its worth a try.Well now I agree with the mac commercials and think that it is totally fair that they mock PC's.Well to end this post i would like to say that next time I buy a computer it will be a MAC!!!!!!!!!!Or someone else in terms of game systems.[P.S:If any microsoft workers see this I'd just like to say that if they think im a lunatic they can just kiss my ass.]

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