xbox360 SUCKS (XBOX Sucks)

by michaelhasabrokenxbox360, Wednesday, June 11, 2008, 13:27 (3507 days ago) @ matthias

yeah mine broke 3 months after I had it cuz the damn thing overheated. Then I got a new one a month later. Then, 2 weeks after I had gotten this one, all of a sudden, (while I was playing it) the screen turned bright green. I turned my xbox 360 off and back on and it was fine. A few minutes later it turned bright green again. I turned it off again and it was working fine, but, nothing AT ALL showed up on the screen. I was super fucking pissed at this moment. I believe that microsoft made the xbox 360 so that it can break so that 14 year old kids are bored out of their mind for a whole fucking month.

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