Backwards compatibility truth / That AR headset is a rip. (XBOX Sucks)

by Andrew @, Thursday, June 18, 2015, 15:00 (944 days ago)

So they announced "backwards compatibility" on XB1 for 360 games but in reality, it's only select titles that publishers will allow to work on XB1 and that means more work for the individual publishers. Another inflated concept M$ spits out and then pins the hard work on other people so they can shove the blame when it's haphazard. Expect that you're not going to see even half the 360 library working on XB1.

Also, nice way to rip off PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS with your augmented reality goggles, then try to act like it's innovative. It's literally the same tech on those handhelds except glued to your face now in goggle form. I'm not saying it's totally worthless, but it's probably the next Power Glove in terms of success (or lack thereof) and once again, it's M$ ripping off other companies to survive like they always have.

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