IE 7 is a rip off of firefox (Microsoft Corp Sucks)

by PowerLich @, Tuesday, June 12, 2007, 05:53 (3909 days ago) @ N/A

» » » IE 7 is such a rip off of Firefox. cant microsoft make up its own
» ideas?
» »
» »
» » Microsoft has a long history of ripping off others' ideas and making
» money
» » off them. They must be truly applauding the open source communities
» » advances; how else are they going to come up with new innovative ideas??
» » Microsoft has reportedly written Vista from the ground up instead of
» just
» » writing new code on top of old crap that is flawed, but the open source
» » community and others are going to need to step up further to level the
» » playing field. I would like to see Apple release a version of it's
» » current OS for PC's.
» Ummm. I read somewhere of the net and also DO BELIEVE ALSO that vista is
» just win XP which is 2k, which is NT 4.0 which is, well you get the idea,
» with just Bells and whistles added on top. Remember that many XP programs
» CAN work on 2k and NT, and Vista apps. can work on XP, 2k and NT, it is
» just that MS can and does put SPECIAL code to block installation or to
» make it purposely unstable, most tho is the MS installer won't install it.
» :)

In fact, Windows Vista is only a desktop theme for XP plus homongous bloatware (of course, they can't without this)

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