Microsoft Warranty Jacking Scam (XBOX Sucks)

by Dave @, Ontario, Wednesday, January 03, 2007, 05:58 (4032 days ago)

So I buy an XBOX 360 back in Jan 06 because of all the hype. Everything is great until about Nov 06 when the system starts freezing up (a "recognized problem by Microsoft";). So First I call them and ask for warranty and they tell me I have to pay to ship the XBOX 360 to and from them. (I’m like WTF every reputable company normally picks up the shipping charges, but whatever). So after fighting with them they agree to send me a box and they do...4 weeks later. So now it’s Oct and I send in the XBOX and they say 5-10 business days. 10 Business days later I’m worried so I call and they say they never received it.... aside from the fact they paid for the box and its shipment and provided a tracking number to which Purolator provide confirmation of receipt with a signature from one of their employees. (Thanks Purolator finally someone who understand procurement). After speaking with 3 Microsoft employees they all starting saying "I hope you got insurance buddy” Like WTF? Finally I speak with the Supervisor who says that the package is not lost its temporarily missing (WHERE DID THIS CHICK GO TO SCHOOL?) so after arguing with her about the whole mess she says "what the hell you going to do? Go to the press? "So in order for me to get my console back I have to go to the press and press legal action? This is the worse company on the planet in terms of customer service, and I strongly urge people to stay away from Microsoft...Go buy a Nintendo Wii, a PS3 or even a fucking Sega Game Gear because even in 2007 Sega would still provide you with better customer service. Its now Jan 07 and still I have no console, just a bunch of game going up for sale on ebay with a smear of my fiecies on the Microsoft logo. Oh and I forgot to mention, look for the conversation with Microsoft on UTUBE, I will be posting my taped conversations with these representatives and everyone can hear how badly Microsoft treats their patrons. (Your not a person, your a $) This company and its employees flat out jacked me and I will get even. Nothing but a bunch of thieves if you ask me…beware

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