Microsoft supports the murderous war criminal!!! (Microsoft Corp Sucks)

by gwizz!!, Wednesday, June 13, 2007, 16:09 (3908 days ago) @ anonymous

» Microsoft's continuing support for the murderous war criminal in the white
» house is more than enough of a reason to boycott them. In the beginning I
» thought it would be hard to boycott Microsoft -- but I was very positively
» surprised with Linux (I used Ark Linux) - it does more than everything I
» need, doesn't crash. it's faster than M$ OSes, and it's free.
» Now I wonder why I ever used Microsoft dirt.
» To hell with war criminals and their financial backers!

Ya bunch of cowardly, yellow, tree-hug'n hippies!! We can agree that Microsoft sucks six ways from Sunday but you can keep your socialist Loopy-Liberal views to your self!



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