Windows 10 is a slow piece of s*** (Windows Sucks)

by Iain More, Wednesday, September 02, 2015, 13:09 (872 days ago) @ Microsoft sucks more than Donald Trump

It is worse than slow.

I got the free trial upgrade because I had the horrible 8.1 bundled with my latest PC when I bought it. As bad a 8.1 was, Win 10 made it look good. The first problem I encountered was the CTDs when playing FNV, CTDs I had got rid of in 8.1 by modding and tweaking the game heavily.

Oh and the wheel of eternity bug even worse than ever.

It wasn't the FNV game it adversely affected either but I wont right a book on it.

The next problem I had was the bugs I experienced in opening word documents and it wouldn't open PDFs at all.

It reminds me a sick observation made in a dreadful Bond Movie about software being buggy forever.

It is so bad I am longing for the return of XP, at least it worked and I had no problems with any what I will call Japanese games, they don't work at all in Win 10.

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