Microsoft Warranty Jacking Scam (XBOX Sucks)

by Chip, Sunday, January 07, 2007, 00:52 (4030 days ago) @ Dave

I know exactly how you feel. Things are kind of tight money wise, so instead of buying a new 360 console, I opted to refurbish my 7 year olds X-Box (for $90) through Microsoft and buy some new games and peripherals (wheel/controllers/etc). I ship it to them 12/4/06 hoping to get it back by Christmas. Didn't hear anything for almost 2 weeks, finally get my xbox back. Fucking thing doesn't work. I call the customer service center and they tell me "no problem, we'll fix it under your 30 day warranty" (that they so graciously gave me after a refurbish). Its now 12/18/06, The bad news: my kid gets no Xbox for Christmas, and all his presents are xbox related. Instead of overnighting me a shipping box, it comes 12/22/06, and I send it back that day. It comes back to me 1/5/07 with a note that says "Your xbox console shows evidence of tampering, and it has been returned to you unrepaired". Funny shit right? Another call to the customer service center warrants the following frustration: The lady who answered the phone spoke marginally understandable English and got more progressively pissed when I couldn't understand her, and everytime I tried to explain that THEY were the only ones to open my xbox console, I kept getting the same bullshit line....."Our anti-tampering policy states that we cannot repair your xbox" "But maam, you don't seem to understand that the only people to open my console was the service center who supposedly refurbished it 2 weeks ago" "Yes I understand, but out anti-tampering policy states that we cannot repair your xbox" WHAT A FUCKING JOKE. After assuring me that I was speaking on a recorded line, I not so politely invited her and microsoft to suck my dick.
Rant over

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