Windows 10 Sucks! (Windows Sucks)

by ckayte @, Wednesday, January 20, 2016, 06:35 (733 days ago) @ KickMaster Fu

Agreed. I've tried Windows 10 on 3 different computers and got buggy behavior from all of them, in addition to incompatible drivers (even in brand new systems.) I'm not waiting for Windows 7 to be done, I've already switched to Linux. I even switched my mom to Linux because I got tired of fixing problems in Windows 10 every time an update rolled out.

I've never used Linux before the Windows 10 release. It was easier than I expected to install and get used to, I am using Linux Mint and it is working great. Apparently, there were problems with Windows that I didn't even know were problems (even Windows 7) because Linux fixed a lot of things. For example, I thought that my $100+ printer was a piece of garbage, it jumped and stopped and started during print jobs... that must have been Windows sending the information in pieces because in Linux, my printer works as smoothly as I expected it to the first time. It is definitely worth learning a new OS to get rid of the crap called Windows.

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