Everything (Microsoft Corp Sucks)

by Cap'n J @, Tuesday, July 05, 2016, 17:38 (597 days ago)

Update to Windows 10. Why the hell is it free? Microsoft NEVER gives anything away free. I've told everybody I know to not install it, but they keep getting nagged about it, so they play their dutiful role as sheep, and install it. So when they bitch to me, I get on my high-horse and say, "Told ya, asshole." I've been running Windows 7 for years, all updates turned off, and it's great. Still not Linux, but it will do.

Xbox. Really? Again, Microsoft does not give anything away, thus you have DLC's you have to pay for. Why? PS doesn't. Their content is available through achievements and level upgrades. And most videos played from the web on the box don't play because they don't use Silverlight.

Windows products are, for the most part, klutzy and oppressive. 99% of answers I need about problems I find on the interweb, without Internet Explorer. And I hate the forums that are invaded by Microsoft employees, Microsoft supporters, and... well, anybody associated with Microsoft. They're like the IRS of the technical industry. Instead of trying to make their products visually appealing to all the fucking FaceBook users, they need to work on the stability of their products. Microsoft does DAILY updates to it's OS? Really? If it's fucking broke, don't release it.

Office products blow. I finally got used to the Word 1003 interface then totally boned it when they came out with 2007. I installed a program called "menu" that makes the ignorant menu system in 2007 look like the menu in older versions of word. And, crap, ever use Publisher? Ever see a bigger piece of shit. I'd rather drink water in Mexico than even open it. Talk about shit!

What else about Microsoft drives people crazy? Prices? Updates? Installation? Support (I added that for grins because we know that's a joke)?


If I could use Linux correctly or even understand it, I'd be a former Microsoft user.

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